Just Films

JUST FILMS is an audiovisual production company located in Barcelona. It’s direction is in charge of Joan  Ginard, Economist specialized in Marketing, from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (1982), and also cinematographic trained at the T.A.I school (Taller de Artes Imaginarias) and at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona in Journalism. The main aim is to produce quality films for television and cinema.

Just Films is interested in producing genre full-length films that meet entertainment and quality and is also interested in walk abroad in the international market. In this manner, the creation of films for cinemas in English has become  in one of the main objectives of the company, so as looking for new projects that break with the false idea of Spanish cinema.

The position in the cinema market is because of genre films like Jaume Balngueros’s The nameless, Golden Mèlies in the European Fantasy Film in 2000 and Silver Mèlies in the International Film Fest of Sitges in 1999, Paco Plaza’s Second name, Silver Mèlies in the International Film Fest of Sitges in 2002 or Jaume Balanguero’s Fragile that obtained the Goya 2006 to the best special effects.

Just Films has also produced full-length films closer to social reality that surrounds us with movies like Pau Martínez’s The big old house or Carles Torras’ Trash.

We are also looking for young talents in the cinema and new and ground-breaking original projects that can make a milestone in national and international history of cinema.